Situated seven miles from Sydney’s CBD and seven miles from care (as the locals say) The laid-back costal town was voted Australia’s No. 1 Beach by Trip advisor in 2018. With an impressive selection of harbour and costal beach, well-known walking tracks, family friendly eateries and small bars/pubs for all. Famous for Surfing, Manly is home to some of Australia’s top surfers such as Layne Beachley, Tom Carroll and the annual Vissla Sydney Surf Pro QS 6000 event. Take the time to explore its secret laneways, you will be surprised to find a variety of small cafes (all locally owned) to take a quiet moment to relax. At night Manly comes alive, with its love for live music you can walk into any bar and find a live band playing. 

When visiting make sure you

  • Enjoy your swim or surf at the iconic beach
  • Take a walk around North head offering you a selection of costal and city views.
  • Enjoy a coffee at one of its many family owned coffee shops.

Kierle Park

Located 1 kilometre from the iconic Manly Beach, you can access the park from the beach front through Queenscliff Reserve. Upon arriving in Manly either jump onto a bus (5 minutes), grab a bush bike from the corso located bike shop (15 minutes) or take a bit longer (25 minutes) to walk along the iconic Manly beach to the park.

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